The new Mighty Ducks series on Disney+ is being filmed in Canada

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Have you heard? There’s a new Mighty Ducks series coming to Disney+, and it’s being filmed right here in Vancouver!

Our childhood nostalgia is at an all-time max here. One of the first questions we had was whether or not Emilio Estevez would be returning to the franchise. Well, our prayers have been answered, as Disney just confirmed that Mr. Gordon Bombay himself is back in the lineup! He’s a skill guy, trust us.

Production is slated to start in Vancouver sometime next week. While the story doesn’t follow the original Mighty Ducks (who would all now be grown), the new plot should be interesting. This time around, it is the Ducks that are the elite team, and the story follows a young player who was cut from the team.

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Now, will the story end with a multinational entertainment company just bossing up and putting the team in the NHL? Only time will tell, but boy, would that be a hilarious turn.

There are so many questions that we need answers to. While we wait for more details to be released, we’re going to go practice our knuckle pucks on the driveway.

Keep your eyes peeled for Mr. Estevez and the rest of the cast around Vancouver, folks! Then, if you spot him, ask for pointers on your backwards skating. And then share those pointers with us, please. We really need them.

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