12 movies you DIDN’T know were shot in Vancouver

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Movies shot in Vancouver Happy Gilmore Bob Barker Fight

Of the hundreds of movies filmed in Vancouver, it’s pretty hard to narrow these down to a defined list of classics. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ones that we think might surprise you! Disclaimer: We’re gonna cheat a little bit here and say in and around Vancouver, but most of these were shot in Greater Vancouver. Besides, as long as it’s got at least one scene here then we can lay claim to it.

From horror to comedy and everything in between, here are the 12 movies we think would make Vancouverites most proud.

Cabin in the Woods

bcit aerospace

One of the best horror films of all-time, simply because it gets so meta. Shot in and around Vancouver, the easiest building to spot is the BCIT Aerospace building, used as the headquarters of the antagonists’ corporation.

Carts of Darkness

carts of darkness

A documentary filmed almost exclusively in North Vancouver. Empathetic and heartfelt, it was produced by the National Film Board of Canada and received critical acclaim upon release.


hudsons bay

Vancouver is no stranger to being a stand-in for New York. While a fair portion was actually shot in New York (at the insistence of director Jon Favreau), the department stores scenes took place in the Hudson’s Bay building downtown.

Final Destination

yvr airport

Mostly filmed in Victoria, but also featuring a scene at YVR Airport, this horror-thriller used the world at large as an antagonist, creating a new genre in the horror world. Fun fact, Final Destination was originally thought up as an episode of the X-Files.

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The Grey

smither bc

Shot in Vancouver and Smithers, British Columbia, this dark thriller really has some truly depressing moments. Good watch for your buddies who wanted to become oil-men. And maybe Smithers is a good summer destination. Road trip, anyone?

Happy Gilmore

swan e set golf

Almost filmed entirely in Vancouver, Happy Gilmore is the epitome of mid-90s slapstick (get it?) comedy. Find your inspiration for picking up a used set of clubs as you watch Bob Barker fight Adam Sandler.

Hot Rod

hot rod

Hot Rod is an amazing comedy film, and don’t try to tell us otherwise. Who can forget the pool jump scene? Just a magical experience. Boy, we’re rewatching this one after work today for sure.


eric hamber

Also a very funny film, even if it deals with darker subject matter. Both Ellen Page and Michael Cera had standout performances, but we also saw the first inklings of Jason Bateman’s versatility as an actor, stepping away from Arrested Development.

The NeverEnding Story

steam clock

All the street and school scenes were shot in Vancouver, while the rest of the film was made in a studio in Munich. Great little factoid for your next trivia night, hey?

Scary Movie


One of the first horror parody movies (although not nearly as nuanced as Cabin in the Woods), Scary Movie gets props for doing it before anyone else. Fun fact, the name is based on the codename for the first Scream. A little of the movie was shot in Vancouver, but most happened in Steveston.



But you still haven’t read the graphic novel?? Standard fanboy response to everyone who has seen the movie. Still good, and another example of Vancouver being used as a stand-in for a New York City.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine



The start of the highly critically acclaimed trilogy, this film only came to Vancouver after production issues occurred in Australia. Most of the shots in Vancouver happened at Kitsilano Secondary School and UBC, and, bonus fact, marked the first appearance of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

Bonus: The X-Files TV Series

Did you know that the first five seasons of the X-Files were filmed in Vancouver? Stay tuned for our guide to the best episodes and their associated shoot locations.

And that’s our list! Big shout out to the YouTube channel ‘Every Frame a Painting’ for coming out with one of the best videos on Hollywood North. You can watch that here if you haven’t already.

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