The future is now… even when it comes to emergency services! An announcement from the Deputy Fire Chief has shared the news that Vancouver will likely be the first city in Canada to get an electric firetruck. And actually, we’d become one of the first cities in the world to use it.

A recent deal with the specialist vehicle company Rosenbauer will have Vancouver join the likes of Los Angeles and Berlin in owning an electric firetruck. The vehicle itself lasts for around 100km, or 90 minutes, on battery alone, but has a diesel engine to extend the range as necessary.

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The vehicle is also smaller than the Vancouver standard, and comes with additional features like the ability to raise or lower itself depending on terrain, and rotate all four wheels for maneuverability. Surprisingly, it doesn’t come with an eye-popping price either- $1.5m versus the $1.2m that regular firetrucks cost.

Since every vehicle is built to order, we won’t be seeing this truck on the streets until 2023. But hey, won’t it be crazy watching this futuristic-looking firetruck cruising around when it does arrive? We sure think so.