If you haven’t already heard, British Columbia has been hit with some truly severe weather these past few days. What started as intense rain turned into flooding, mudslides, and evacuations around the province. And, maybe nothing sums the situation up as much as a portion of Highway 1 quite literally washing away in BC.

Located some 3 hours north of Vancouver, the small town of Lytton has had, frankly, an awful year of weather. The town recorded the hottest day in Canadian history earlier this summer, and now, has to deal with mudslides washing away major highways.

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Heck, it’s not even the first time it happened this year- another mudslide in the summer also closed a portion of Highway 1 in BC, but did not, you know, just wash it away. Luckily, the environmental carnage has only resulted in property damage so far, and residents have been able to stay safe.

The fallout from the storm is expected to take weeks, if not months, to deal with, with support from both provincial and federal services. So yeah, things have been crazy in BC. Stay strong, folks!