If you’re looking to plan a little getaway, then chances are high you’re already thinking about what the ticket just to get there is going to set you back. Today, the ultra-low-cost Swoop airlines announced new routes out of Edmonton, Alberta, and the base fares are just absurd.

Starting with domestic routes, one-way base fares are currently around $10 if you book before November 29th. Destinations include Toronto and Ottawa in the east ($9.12) and Victoria in the west ($12.06). However, the real deal is their Kelowna route, which alongside some other destinations, has one-way base fares starting at an insanely low price of $1.59.

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Meanwhile, Swoop has also introduced some very cheap fares for those looking to visit America. One-way tickets to Pheonix, Las Vegas, and Palm Springs all have base fares under $20 CAD, with the cheapest being Palm Springs at $7.89. Save money on flights, spend money while you’re actually there! It’s the vacation dream.

Of course, fees and taxes are not included in the base fare, and these deals are subject to flights booked during a certain time of year. To check out the offer in full, head over to the Swoop website. Here’s hoping more Canadian cities get the deals that Edmonton is!