A new in-app feature launched by Uber Eats could change the way you go out to dinner. In an effort to help restaurants that are dealing with staff shortages, customers can now browse, order, and pay for their whole meal directly through the app.

Restaurants are charged a 3% commission for the service, which according to Uber Eats, has many benefits for both the restaurant and the customer.

“For restaurants, it helps simplify operations, reducing staff time to take orders and process payments,” the company said in a news release. “We’ve seen it lead to higher table turns and order sizes.”

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And for customers, it “addresses a growing preference for contactless ordering and payments,” and also helps to reduce wait times.

The feature is one of several announced by Uber Eats this week aimed to help Canadian restaurants boost business and lower costs.

The new Webshop allows customers to place orders directly through the restaurant’s website or social media accounts, which will be delivered by Uber Eats for a 2.9% commission.

Plus, the company announced a new pricing structure with delivery starting at 20% commission. This is an upgrade from the previous 30%, which restaurants have been complaining about for a long time, according to The Canadian Press via CTV News.

Even with all these new features, one Ontario company might give Uber Eats a run for their money with their free, 10-minute, and late-night delivery.