We all like to believe we’re capable of unconditional love, but apparently, it doesn’t take much for many Canadians to kick their romantic partner to the curb. A new online survey by Researchco has found that a surprising number of us would dump someone for having bad breath or poor table manners.

Published earlier this month, the poll found that 31% or more than three-in-10 Canadians aged 55 and older would give up a relationship with someone with bad breath. In fact, 7% of people admit to already dumping someone for that exact reason. So if you haven’t heard from your Valentine yet today, maybe you should give your exhale a quick sniff test.

Canadians between 18 and 34 years old are a little bit more forgiving, with only 24% saying they’d break up with someone for having bad breath. Although, if you’re still rocking skinny jeans and a side part, you might not be so lucky.

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Us Canucks take our dining etiquette very seriously. More than a quarter of Canadians would end a relationship with someone who has bad manners at the dinner table.

A third of Canadian women (32%) are willing to call off a relationship with a person because of the way they eat,” said the President of Research Co. Mario Canseco in a press release. “Only 22% of Canadian men would follow the same course of action.”

British Columbians are the most ruthless, with 33% saying they’d dump their partner for their inferior table manners, followed by Atlantic Canada (27%), Ontario (27%), Quebec (26%), Saskatchewan, and Manitoba (25%) and Alberta (23%).

A smaller percentage of Canadians (9%) say they’d break up with someone for having a different diet than theirs.

If you’re looking for love this Valentine’s Day, you better keep some breath mints handy. And keep your elbows off the table.