Toronto Pearson rolls out new health and safety rules amid COVID-19


Toronto Pearson

The city’s biggest airport, Toronto Pearson has just announced some brand new rules for the next time you travel with them. These changes come amid the ongoing COVID-19 situation. And our best guess is they aren’t going away any time soon.

So what are the new rules? We’re glad you asked. They fall into two categories: those that are for passengers and those that are for employees. So let’s break ’em down…

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If you’re planning to travel through Toronto Pearson you’ll have to wear a face mask at all times. Plus, access to terminals will be restricted to only those who are travelling and airport employees. So if someone’s coming to pick you up, they won’t be allowed in the terminal. You’ll also be asked to exit terminal buildings immediately after gathering your baggage. And there will be signs that encourage safe physical distancing from others.

If you’re an employee of Toronto Pearson, you’ll also have to wear face masks when in the airport. Plus, there will be limited terminal access and physical distancing required.

All these rules go into effect officially on June 1st. And hopefully, they’ll be helpful in keeping everyone safe. That is the goal here, after all!