Toronto is getting a 90’s themed sitcom escape room

Via EWVia Bloody Disgusting

Love sitcoms or just wanna escape them? This brand-new ’90s themed escape room is perfect for you either way! Escape This ’90s Sitcom is about to give you all the nostalgia and maybe a light dose of panic when you realize your pals aren’t smart enough to get you out!

The room is happening at Trivia Escape Rooms, and the name should give you a hint here. These escape rooms require that your pop culture knowledge gets you out, so all those hours watching TV are really going to come in handy for once!

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escape this 90's sitcom

As Trivia puts it, “Test your knowledge on Seinfeld, The Simpsons, Friends, Fresh Prince and other hit sitcoms of the ’90s to escape these rooms.” Your trivia skillz will crack codes, solve puzzles, and allow you back to sweet, sweet freedom!

Wanna go? We cant guarantee we’ll be much help, but we’ve got the moral support thing down! We’ll also bring snacks.


When: Friday, September 6- Sunday, October 20
Where: Trivia Escape Rooms, 1444 Dupont St
Cost: $26- $30, get tickets here

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