Netflix hits us with the biggest price hike yet

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Netflix Canada increases prices

It’s the holidays, which means we’re all a little short on extra dough at the moment… So in a classic case of kicking us when we’re down, Netflix Canada has now decided to increase prices for their basic, standard and premium plans. Why you gotta do us like that, Netflix?

If you’re addicted to NarcosThe Crown or Riverdale (God help you), you’re gonna have to shell out a bit more cash to keep binging on your faves… and apparently, we have Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO TV to blame. The price hike comes as a result of increasing competition among video streaming services across the country. Boooo.


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The standard plan (two screens) will rise by 3 bucks to $13.99 a month, while the premium plan (four users) will rise by 3 bucks a month to $16.99, AKA the biggest price increase yet.

The basic plan will go up by only 1 buck, making the total cost $9.99 a month… but honestly, we’re still not pleased about it.

New prices are effective immediately for new customers while existing Netflix users will be notified by email before they see changes on their bill. How kind!

So, how do we feel about this change, Toronto? Is Netflix worth the extra cash?

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