If you’ve seen these 7 things in Toronto, you’re a true Torontonian

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Been binge-watching You lately? Yeah, us too. If you’re familiar with the episode where they mention the 7 totems of Los Angeles, you’ll know where we’re going with this. Time for the totems of Toronto! Basically, there are 7 things that, when you’ve spotted them all in your city, make you a true resident.

We asked around to see what Torontonians thought the 7 totems of Toronto were. If you’ve seen these things, you’re a true Torontonian! Let us know what else you think should be on the list, and happy Netlifxing!

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totems of toronto

  1. Racoons eating out of your green bin
  2. The guy dressed as Spiderman who climbs on things and weirdly sounds like Peter Parker
  3. Someone in a Canada Goose parka on a pleasantly warm fall day
  4. The albino squirrel at Bellwoods
  5. Zanta
  6. The “I hate rubber boots guy” in rubber boots
  7. A Beck cab in a fender-bender

How many totems have you spotted? Let us know on Instagram which others you would’ve added to the list- we shortlisted Sticker Lady and the McDonald’s at Queen and Spadina.

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