If you’re looking for the full dining package then you’re going to want to check this place out. Okeya Kyujiro has expanded, adding a Toronto location and not only is it a Michelin star restaurant, the 20 course meal is considered a “theatrical” experience!

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Okeya Kyujiro has two locations in Canada already, Montreal and Vancouver, and has expanded to Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood.

According to Okeya Kyujiro, “We commit to serving fresh dishes of the highest quality, whilst also offering multi-sensory entertainment.”

The dining experience includes approximately 20 courses with mostly sushi with dessert and a tea ceremony included as well.

“The show” lasts around one hour and 30 minutes, costing $300 per person.

While Okeya Kyujiro is considered an omakase restaurant (meaning it is a a chef-curated dinner), the Michelin Guide says it is “far from your typical omakase,” due to the above-and-beyond nature of the experience from start to finish.

There are reservations available in Toronto starting on May 15th, 2024 and can be booked here.

Okeya Kyujiro Toronto

Where: Okeya Kyujiro, 26 Bellair St
Cost: $300 per person