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Guide: Take yourself on these date ideas for one

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We know being single can be rough, but every once in a while you’ve got to look out for number 1. You’ve got to look in the mirror and say “you deserve that Gucci bag…another sleeve of Oreos won’t hurt…he/she left you because you’re way too good looking” etc. Also, you should maybe get out of the house. That’s why we’ve put together this guide of the 8 best dates you can take yourself on.

Fly Over the City

Now for something a little different. An adventure is an adventure whether you do it alone or not, so head out to the Billy Bishop, hop the fence, grab yourself a helicopter and let’s make this a day to remember. Or just try to book a last-minute single passenger ride for a significantly reduced rate (compared to duos or groups). The choice is yours!

Where: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Hangar 1


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Take Yourself to an Indie Flick

There is something incredibly tranquil about going to a movie alone. It’s quite literally one of the “social” experiences where the phones are put away, conversation halts, and people get 2 hours of alone time without being lonely. Throw in a film that you might not typically see, whether it’s a foreign flick, arthouse, old-school horror, or anything else outside the box, and you’ve got yourself a very solid single date. Try out The Revue, Royal Cinema, The Fox, The Regent Theatre, and The Kingsway for some true indie cinema.








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Grab a Low-Key Drink at BarChef

If you feel like grabbing yourself a cocktail (can’t blame you) then head on over to BarChef. You’re not going to find more innovative drinks anywhere in the city, and the drinks are too cool to chug so its a safe alternative to the litres of cheap wine you’d probably be drinking at home. Come late so you can drink by the candlelight and no one will be able to see your tears.

Where: 472 Queen St W


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Jam Out at the Horseshoe Tavern

You can find a show at this legendary live music spot nearly every night of the week, and one impressive thing about the Horseshoe is that it serves every sort of clientele. Do you know what that means? That means you absolutely won’t be the only person by there who is all by their lonesome. Where: 370 Queen St W








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Hit up the AGO or the ROM

A gallery day by yourself is a perfect way to forget that any sort of “significant other” that you might have had is now just an “other”. It’s also just a great way to consume art, culture, history, and human emotion without having to hear someone else blabber on about they could “make modern art if they wanted to”.

Where: Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queens Park / Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas St W


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A Slice of ‘Za and a Cocktail at Superpoint

Now, you’ve got two options when you’re looking to hit up Superpoint. You can go the traditional route on Ossington and check out the pizza, pasta, and wine they’ve got. Or you can hit up their newer Parkdale location, and get a bit more of a dive bar scene while chowing down some pizza with a cocktail or two. The best part is, a single date means this decision is entirely up to you. Where: 184 Ossington Ave / 269 Dunn Ave








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Gain Fitness, Lose Anger at United Boxing Club

If you’re feeling a tad bit lonely, one of the absolute best things you can do to jumpstart some good feelings is to get a bit of a workout in. Combine that with the chance to hit stuff as hard as you want? Well, that’s a winning mix in our books. Hey, it might not be your typical date, but you’ve only got yourself to worry about. Ding ding!

Where: 1034 Bloor St W


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Tapas for One at El Tenedor

Sure, ordering off the tapas menu for just yourself may seem like a desperate call for attention (especially when you order everything off the tapas menu), but so what? It’s 2018, people. If we can’t love ourselves then who can we love? Where: 909 Yonge St








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We know there are plenty of other great things people can do on their own in Toronto, but we just wanted to give you some of our favourite ideas. Enjoy!

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