Canada lands on “safe” list for travel to European Union countries

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canada EU countries

Hoping for a trip to Europe this summer? You might be in luck. Cause the European Union has just released a list of “safe” travel locations. And Canada made the list! This means that Canadians who want to pay a European country a visit will most likely be allowed to do so.

Now, the European Council’s decision is not legally binding. So some areas may not be open to travellers from all the countries on the list. And those countries include China (pending agreement), Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, and others. America, by the way, was not included.

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Apparently the countries on the list were picked because of a few reasons. The first is a declining rate in COVID-19 cases. The second is making sure the rate was low enough to begin with (approximately 16 in every 100,000 infected or lower). And the third was ensuring the country had effective social distancing practices in place. And we guess Canada ticked all three boxes!

So if you’re hoping to travel to the European Union, we guess you can start planning your trip. But if you do go, make sure you do so safely. So get tested before, and wear a mask, and social distance. You know the drill.

Stay healthy, folks!