Air Canada to give travel vouchers with no expiry to customers with cancelled flights


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So obviously the travel industry was hit pretty hard by the ongoing COVID-19 situation. A ton of flights were cancelled because of travel limitations put in place to slow the spread of the virus. And unfortunately, that means that a lot of folks had flights cancelled out of the blue by airlines. Well, it looks like Air Canada has a new solution.

Yup, the major Canadian airline company has just revised its goodwill policy. The policy now includes two new options for customers who had flights cancelled because of COVID-19.

The first is a travel voucher that is fully transferable and has no expiry date. Not bad (we’d still prefer cash). And the second is the ability to convert their cancelled flight into Aeroplan Miles, plus an additional 65 per cent bonus miles.

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So either option seems like a bit of a bandaid to a very messy situation. But if it were up to us, we’d definitely take that never-expiring travel voucher. A free flight that we can redeem whenever our heart desires? Umm, yes, please!

Of course, if you are an Air Canada customer who had a refundable ticket, getting your money back is also still an option.

So if you had a flight cancelled on you thanks to COVID-19, you may be in luck! For more info check out the official press release here.

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