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This swanky new resto serves Chinese food like you’d never tried before

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Have you ever had a cocktail served in egg noodles shaped like a bird’s nest? Or a roasted truffle black duck? Chances are you haven’t. Well, you can and frankly must try them at Dasha, Toronto’s edgiest and coolest contemporary spot. It’s like a real-life Chef’s Table episode right on your plate. Here’s what makes this King St resto so alluring!

Dasha is the newest creative endeavour of Michelin-starred chef Akira Back. His menu is a revolutionary take on Chinese and American cuisines, using only premium ingredients. DYK he used to be a pro snowboarder? He’s an all-around cool dude. We have like, 10% of his level of talent. Maybe even 6%.


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The entire place is massive, with two floors connected by a spiral staircase. The place is meticulously designed with delicate touches of orchids, red neon, and exposed brick. You can also book your own private karaoke bar and only embarrass yourself in front of your buds this time around. Nice!

Dasha’s website describes the menu as an “exceptional sensory experience.” To us that means hearing the food sizzle, gazing at stunning presentations, smelling sweet aromas and tasting mind-blowing dishes. We call that extreme dining.


If you want to start off simple, their small special menu includes classic Chinese staples like edamame, chicken balls, spring rolls, and hot & sour soup. Oh, we’ll have sum of that dim sum too.

For main courses, you can choose from a selection of poultry, seafood and vegetable dishes. Our faves are the glazed miso eggplant with breadcrumbs and their satay-style chicken skewers. You must also try the Angry Chicken. Because Angry Chicken.

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Dasha Toronto

You’ve probably been wondering about that cool smoky orange bowl from the pictures. Well friends, let’s talk about it. The Zen Garden is served tableside, with Remy Martin VSOP, citrus, soursop, blood orange and rhubarb. And yes, that’s a real Japanese bonsai tree. We’re ready to zen in true drinkable fashion.

Dasha Toronto

Ready to take your taste buds on a trip of a lifetime? We sure are. After three or four dishes, your satisfied self won’t even register those ear-splitting high notes coming from the karaoke room. Or maybe you’ll be the one hitting those octaves.


Where: 620 King St W