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This new product from ACE Bakery is here to change the dining game

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As the holidays approach, we all look for ways to spend a little more quality time with our friends and family. Luckily, breadblox™ by ACE Bakery is here to make that easier than ever. Let’s take a look at what this clever new product has to offer, shall we?

breadblox by ace bakery

Whether you’re hosting a big family dinner, having a bunch of pals over for a game night, or just spending time with your significant other, breadblox is the perfect addition to any gathering. What is breadblox? Good question, pals.

This beautiful box is a reminder of a time when eating together meant fewer interruptions and more interaction. Instead of bread, this countertop accessory houses phones, silencing beeps and pings while helping everyone stay in the moment.


That means quality time is even better, your focus is on those around you, and everyone can detach from the outside world and enjoy themselves like the old days. There are times and places where phones are necessary, but breadblox aims to show its customers that breaking bread with those around you can be even better as a device-free dinner.

Plus, it’s great to look at. The aesthetically pleasing design is an easy fit in just about any room, and will definitely be a conversation-starter the next time you’re gathering a group at your place.

breadblox by ace bakery

Now, breadblox has already sold out its first order in only 4 days! Don’t fret though, you can join the waitlist and another round of breadblox items will be available in early December.

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so keep yours beautiful and distraction-free with a breadblox order. It makes the perfect Christmas gift and is an attractive and helpful addition to any home.

For more information on the breadblox by ACE Bakery, you can follow along with their journey on the @acebakery Instagram account, or hit up the website right here.

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