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Bite of the week: TO’s biggest, baddest grilled cheese

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Wanna talk about food for a while? We thought so. It’s time for the Curiocity Toronto Bite of the Week, where we pick a menu item for you to get major food envy over. This week we’ve got the ultimate grilled cheese, aptly named The Ultimate Grilled Cheese from Uncle Betty’s Diner.

ultimate grilled cheese

Uncle Betty is that cool weird uncle who makes you snacks you don’t tell your mom about. The sweet the savoury, the always borderline concerningly unhealthy. However, that’s what makes it taste so dang good. Butter. Sugar. Yas.

We want to honour the Ultimate Grilled Cheese for a hot second!

grilled cheese

This bready beauty comes with your choice of brown or white toast. Then, it’s stacked to the actual brim with melted white and cheddar cheese (duh). Also, we’ve got a slab o’ mac & cheese on that baby.

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curiocity toronto bite of the week

Finally, pick between meatloaf, grilled veg, or pulled pork for your final filling. The whole shebang is drizzled with homemade roasted garlic aioli. Also, adding bacon is the best $1.75 you’ll probably ever spend. Money.

So that’s Bite of the Week, pals! Stop licking your screen. When was the last time you even cleaned that? Oh, you’re going to get grilled cheese. Okay great, that’s cool, we’re coming too!


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