Toronto Fashion Week cancelled as organizers look to relaunch

Photo via @georgepimentel1 Instagram

After close to twenty years of operations, Toronto Fashion Week has announced that this year will not go ahead as planned. The information came from a press release that outlined the issues that TFW has been facing and needs to address before anyone else strolls the catwalk.

Basically, Toronto Fashion Week wants to pause their programming to revamp the event. To do so, they’ve identified three things to improve- engaging the fashion industry at large, supporting local talent, and resonating with Canadian consumers.

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It’s a tall task, to say the least. Not only has the consumption of fashion moved into the digital age, but the fashion weeks that do survive only do so with insane investments and top-tier designers. Don’t believe us? Read about New York Fashion Week’s struggles over the past few years.

But, we have faith. We know that Toronto has no shortage of creative artists, musicians and designers ready to shine. So, we will wait patiently while Fashion Week gets back on track. Or, if you know or any underground fashion events going on, please let us know!

In the meanwhile, we’ll be scrolling through Paris Fashion Week recaps as soon as they start.