We finally have a date! Toronto restaurants will soon find out whether or not their teams have earned Michelin stars. The first selection for the highly anticipated guide will be showcased next month at Toronto’s historic Evergreen Brick Works.

According to Michelin, chefs will find out in real-time whether they’ve been selected for stars, Bib Gourmands, or other MICHELIN Guide distinctions, on September 13.

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Photo via Curiocity Group

“This is a very special moment – the first MICHELIN Guide selection revelation in Canada!” said Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guides.

“We are ready to reveal the best and brightest establishments in Toronto – a diverse city full of outstanding dining spots. Our inspectors found several elite restaurants and are eager to celebrate the chefs and their teams.”

Inspectors will award Michelin stars to “unparalleled cuisine” and restaurants can receive one to three stars, depending on how impressive they are.

As for Bib Gourmand ratings, it will be given to restaurants that serve high-quality food and good price points, and the Michelin Green Star will be given to restaurants that are involved in “sustainable gastronomy.”

According to Michelin’s historical methodology, selection is based on five universal criteria: 1) quality products; 2) the mastery of flavors; 3) the mastery of cooking techniques; 4) the personality of the chef in the cuisine; 5) consistency between each visit.

Back in May, Toronto was selected as the first Michelin Guide destination in Canada. It was the sixth chosen location in North America. Vancouver was chosen as the seventh destination in July 2022.