With hundreds of restaurants in Toronto, it’s welcome news that the Michelin guide is finally coming to Canada, with the city getting its very own guide.

According to an announcement made by Destination Toronto on Tuesday morning, the inaugural edition of the guide will be announced in fall 2022 and a selection of the city’s top restaurants will receive honours.

“A new chapter begins in Toronto, which features global eats and charming cafes as well as high-end dining  experiences,” said Destination Toronto in a press release.

“It’s a city where top chefs want to establish a presence and where emerging chefs nurture their  culinary talent – both drawing on locally produced ingredients unique to Ontario.”

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Inspectors will award Michelin stars to “unparalleled cuisine” — restaurants can receive anywhere from one to three stars, depending on how impressive they are.

Bib Gourmand ratings will be given to the places that serve high-quality food and good price points, and the Michelin Green Star will be given to restaurants that are involved in “sustainable gastronomy.”

Michelin’s historical methodology is based on five universal criteria: 1) quality products; 2) the mastery of flavors; 3) the mastery of cooking techniques; 4) the personality of the chef in the cuisine; 5) consistency between each visit.

This historical methodology is what Michelin’s inspectors will apply to Toronto’s guide. Each restaurant is also inspected several times a year to ensure that its prestigious rating is upheld.

According to Michelin, one star is given to those with “high quality cooking that is worth a stop.” Two stars are given for “excellent cooking that is worth a detour,” and three stars are for “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey.”

This is an exciting time for Toronto’s culinary scene, and we’re happy to see that the city’s finest restaurants will finally get the clout they deserve.