It’s been, what, decades of waiting, but we’re happy to announce that Vancouver is the latest Canadian city to be included in the Michelin Guide! The news comes just a couple of months after Toronto joined the ranks. Here’s what to know about it.

Originally created to sell tires (no, really), the Michelin Guide has become the world’s most prestigious accolade for restaurants. The ratings go like this- 1 Star means worth a stop, 2 Stars means worth a detour, and 3 Stars means worth a special journey. Alongside that original system, Michelin has also introduced a wide range of other accolades, from notable wine lists to street food to great patios.

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And now, they’re expanding their guide to Vancouver, which we won’t hesitate to say is home to some of the best restaurants in North America. Like Toronto, the guide will begin to roll out its selections this fall, and that means there are probably some reviewers dining around Vancouver right now!

Do we trust our own guides to the best places to eat in the city? Absolutely. Are we going to be the first to see which Vancouver spots become Michelin Guide picks as well? You can bet your bottom dollar. Honestly, we can’t wait!