If you have a sweet tooth to satisfy, Smorgasburg Toronto is where you need to be. The open-air food market is halfway through its eight-week run and has unveiled its new lineup of vendors, including delicious desserts.

From dairy-free treats to ice cream sandwiches and boozy scoops, there’s a little bit of everything to try over the next four weeks at this waterfront “food flea market.”

Some of the highlights include Caramel Lotus Ice Cream with Biscoff Ice Cream, Pandan Chiffron Cake Slices with Toasted Coconut, Alcoholic Ice Cream, Edible Cookie Dough Scoops, and various flavours of mouthwatering Chinchin.

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Plus, you’ll get to sink your teeth into Calamansi Meringue Tarts by KWENTO and buttercream Silvanas by Tito Parley’s.

There’s a whole lot more to taste than just desserts at Smorgasburg, though. The weekly event features dozens of hand-picked local vendors serving international cuisine, and you can see the list of participating vendors here.

There’s also a fully-stocked SmorgasBAR that serves up boozy and non-alcoholic sips in thirst-quenching summer flavours.

Plus, admission to the event is free. Just show up with a budget for your sips and bites and a big appetite of course.

The event runs every Saturday at 7 Queens Quay West until September 10. If you fancy yourself a foodie or simply love to eat, this event is not one to miss.