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8 things to do at home and around Seattle this week (June 1-5)

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Ah yes, another week in Seattle. What are we going to do with ourselves? That really is the question these days. But anyway, we’ll try to help you ease the boredom. So we’re back for some ideas of things to do in Seattle this week.

Here are 8 things to do in Seattle this week.

Lincoln Center Dance Week

Well, this actually isn’t in Seattle it all, it’s coming all the way from New York. But thanks to the internet we can enjoy it here in Seattle. So Lincoln Center Dance Week will feature over 40 years of amazing dances performed by dance companies from all over the world. And it’s definitely worth checking out.

Cooped Up on the Couch Concert Series

Local musician and composer Evan Flory-Barnes will be performing live on both Facebook and IGTV throughout this week and into the foreseeable future. So this is an excellent opportunity to hear some new and live music.


This is a new and very exciting digital event that The Stranger is creating. Collide-O-Scope will “stream obscure oddities from film, VHS, music videos, and other forms of media live on the internet”. So we’re very excited to see what The Stranger comes up with.

LeVar Burton Reads

We’ve talked about this before but we’ll continue to come back to this event because it is always nice to be read to. Especially when the person is LeVar Burton of PBS’ Reading Rainbow. Because you know, nostalgia is important.

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Live From Home With Ben Gibbard

And here’s another one we’ve mentioned before but listening to music is always pretty great. Especially when that music comes from Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service. Who knows, you might even see a special guest or two.

Savage Love Livestream

Here’s another local icon, Dan Savage. And in case you didn’t know, he’s the creator and host of the extremely popular Savage Lovecast. So if you’re into that, Dan Savage will be doing a live episode where he answers everyone’s burning questions. And all proceeds go to Northwest Harvest.

Jet City Improv: Comedy in Quarantine

We could all use a little more humor during this strange time so why not tune into Jet City Improv’s Comedy in Quarantine? Who knows, it might just make your whole dang week or give you the inspiration to start improv when this is all over.

Check out a local park

Notice the emphasis on local? That’s right, we don’t want you driving around the city looking for a park to check out. So we made a short little list of some great city parks in Seattle. And if you can, keep it to your own neighborhood.

Okay, folks, that’s what we have for things to do in Seattle this week. Remember to be safe if you decide to go out in public and be respectful of those around you. And of course, if possible, stay home.