Seattle’s public transportation ranked number 1 in the country

Via Sound TransitVia WalletHub

Apparently, Seattle has the best public transportation in the entire country. Huh, guess we may have taken it for granted?

The study was performed by researches at WalletHub, so on the surface, we’re not 100% sold. By comparing 100 cities across 17 different transportation-based metrics, WalletHub came to the conclusion that Seattle was the best of the worst best. Is anyone ever really stoked on their public transportation?

Source: WalletHub

They looked at a few things during the study. These metrics included accessibility & convenience, safety & reliability, public transit resources, and length of average commute time.

Also, safety, dependability, and vehicle quality were all taken into account. Accessibility & convenience as well as safety & reliability were scored out of 40 each. Resources were scored out of 20, and the other categories were weighed in after the fact.

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best public transportation

Okay, so it looks like WalletHub actually covered all their bases. Not bad, not bad. Our overall score hit a nice 77.97. The worst of the worst? Indianapolis, with a weak score of 21.13.

Additionally, other top cities included Boston and San Francisco. Other car-bound hubs included St. Peterburg and Tampa. Guess we should give up the pipe dream of moving to Florida.

If you’re curious, you can check out the study for yourself right here. Maybe read it while you’re on the train, hey?

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