The Seattle XFL team is officially named the Dragons


Starting in February 2020, the Seattle Dragons will be reppin’ our city in the brand new XFL revamp. Plenty of creative efforts went into putting a fresh spin on our second professional football franchise and we have to admit we think it’s paid off.

In a city that has been in love with its pro sports teams having alliterative names like Seahawks, Sounders, and Supersonics (RIP), it’s refreshing to see something come from off the map. Would we have gone with Dragons? Not sure, but we have to admit that it fits the fiery style of football the XFL advertises.

Here is what team president said about landing on the Seattle Dragons name:

“You can see with the imagery of the water, the city, the weather and just the fierceness of the character — that was something we felt was very representative of Seattle and we’re really excited about it.”

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Dang, we typically consider ourselves a friendly bunch but Mr. Gustafson is pumpin’ our tires with all this talk of badassery. After all, we’ve all seen Game of Thrones, right? We’ve seen what Dragons can do to Westeros, so let’s see what they can do to the competition on CenturyLink Field.