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Seattle has made sidewalk and curb space permits FREE

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Well, folks, this year has definitely been a wild ride for Seattle restaurants. Between mandatory closures and new standards, restaurants have really had to adapt. But in some good news, the City of Seattle has made sidewalk and curb space permits free!

And in case you didn’t know, these permits are expensive. They can range in the low thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not to mention restaurants and businesses can end up waiting for years with the cities permitting process. So with that in mind, we really hope local small businesses and restaurants that have been waiting will be getting their permitting fees refunded.

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Regardless, it’s good to see the city finally taking some action to help small business and restaurant owners with reopening. And we’re really hoping that this new permit program also means that the process will be sped up. Because both business owners and customers don’t want to wait.

So if you’d like to learn more, be sure to click here. And as always if you go out to a restaurant or small business, be patient with people. If anything, be sure to show your favorite local spots some serious love.

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