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Arizona Iced Tea is about to start making cannabis-infused drinks

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They thought in 2019 we’d have flying cars. Nope, we’ve got Arizona Iced Tea with weed in it! The future is bright, fam. In the wake of weed legalization, there’s a brand new company jumping on the cannabis train. Choo choo, we’re going to Arizona!

The longtime favourite 99-cent iced tea maker has announced that it’ll be rolling out (pun intended) cannabis products in the near future. According to a Wall Street Journal report, they’ve teamed up with a cannabis company to start brainstorming.

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Not only are they planning weed-infused beverages, but they’re also dabbling in the idea of vape pens, gummies, and non-iced tea drinkables. Weed Arizona Iced Tea (not the official name) will roll out in Colorado first, as Arizona is partnering with Dixie Brands, a Colorado-based cannabis producer.

The deal is still recent, so exact dates aren’t quite there yet. We’re pretty stoked though! Not gonna lie, we could really go for a mango lemonade vape pen.

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