The Seattle Kraken’s ‘select your seat’ dream ticket plan is now open

Photo via Seattle Kraken

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over two years since 32,000 people expressed interest in getting season tickets for the Seattle Kraken. A lot has happened since then- a stadium got started, the team was named, and a rivalry with Vancouver was solidified.

And today, the team is starting the process of releasing tickets for the opening season. What’s more, they’re being surprisingly democratic about it. If you signed up as a depositor, even on a whim, here’s what you can expect.

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The Kraken are going to be releasing a variety of different plans, including partial-season ones. Basically, they’re hoping that this will allow for more people to be able to enjoy the games. Plans start as low as $50 a ticket for 11 games.

Of course, fans will still have the option to get full season tickets, and those prices can easily crack over $10,000 a season. What’s more- fans will have the option to look at different game packages, like when Original 6 teams or rivals come to town.

Now, all we have to do is cross our fingers that we can afford tickets in the nosebleeds during the opening season. You can read more about the new ticket plans for depositors right here.