There’s no easy way to explain why you’re driving around with 8 kilos of weed in your car to a police officer, but this Mississauga motorist clearly had his excuse prepared.

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers stopped the driver at a R.I.D.E. checkpoint at Mavis Rd and Highway 403 earlier this week. Their jaws must’ve dropped when they popped the trunk and saw boxes and duffel bags stuffed to the brim with cannabis, amounting to 8 kilograms in total.

According to the OPP Highway Safety Division, the driver’s excuse was, “I smoke a lot you would be surprised!!”

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Photo via OPP Highway Safety Division

Sadly, the cops didn’t buy it, and the driver was immediately booked for several charges — possession for the purpose of distribution, possession of illicit cannabis, possession of cannabis over 30 grams, and possession proceeds crime over $5000.

Not only did the authorities seize his stash, but also $8,265, in cash. This driver’s voracious appetite for marijuana suddenly seems a little more suspicious.

Photo via OPP Highway Safety Division

There’s never a dull moment on Ontario’s roads. Earlier this month, a driver was caught transporting mattresses on his roof in the most ridiculous way possible. In October, a person was charged for playing a flute solo and following along with an iPod while driving in Burlington.

In August, a driver was fined for driving a car filled to the brim with empty beer cans. And all too often, drivers use their arts and crafts skills to draw fake license plates with permanent markers.