There’s no question that finding cheap rent in Toronto and the GTA is becoming more impossible by the day, and our standards for what we’d consider “cheap” these days is certainly not what it used to be.

Unless you could handle living in Toronto’s worst rental apartment to save some cash, you’ll have to look outside the city limits to find prices that you could still call affordable.

According to the Canadian rental website, there are still some cities in the GTA where the average cost of rent is well below what you’d pay in the downtown core.

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The first on the list is Brampton, where the average unfurnished, one-bedroom apartment costs $1,514 per month. The report describes Brampton as the city that “has historically always been the number one most affordable place to rent in the entire GTA.”

The second-cheapest region would be the east-end suburb of Scarborough, where an unfurnished single bedroom rental is $1,696 per month. “While this is relatively close to the median for the Greater Toronto Area, this municipality consistently offers much cheaper options for two-bedroom and three-bedroom rentals,” the report says.


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Here are the remaining cities mentioned in the report and the average cost of an unfurnished one-bedroom rental in each.

  • Vaughan/Richmond Hill — $1,705/month
  • Markham — $1,704/month
  • Mississauga — $1,763/month
  • Etobicoke — $1,734/month
  • North York — $1,852/month
  • Downtown Toronto — $1,909/month

For a more detailed breakdown, you can check out the full report here.