Note to ourselves: if we ever need to take a whole carload of bottles to the store, then we should probably flatten them first, just in case. A driver was pulled over at a check stop near Waubaushene, Ontario earlier this month, and was fined for having a car practically filled to the brim with beer cans.

The incident itself happened on August 4th, during a routine RIDE (Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere) Check. Police noticed the beer cans, and further scrutiny revealed that the driver had a suspended license at the time as well. The beer cans cost a cool $130, but the driving with a suspended license offence could result in things like a $1,000 fine or even jail time.

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Apparently, there was a passenger in the vehicle who didn’t have a suspended license. So, once the load was secured, the vehicle was able to drive away. No info was given on how the load was secured by the police, but we assume they had to crush a bunch of cans to stop blocking sightlines.

Which is kind of weak, if we say so ourselves. Give a fine for a suspended license, sure, but we’ve seen way less secure setups coming out of IKEA and Home Depot parking lots pretty much any given weekend. If the police really cared about ‘insecure loads’, they’d set up sting operations there.