Another day, another totally bizarre incident on Ontario’s roads. Police in Burlington were totally shocked to discover that the distracted driver they’d pulled over didn’t have a cellphone in his hands, but a flute. Not only that, the driver was in the midst of a performance.

Police say that a traffic officer was conducting distracted driving enforcement on Wednesday and was “a little surprised” at what they saw. In addition to performing a flute solo with both hands while he was behind the wheel, the driver was also “following along to an iPod.”

Needless to say, the driver was charged. “Flutes and driving don’t mix,” police tweeted, along with a photo of the instrument in question.

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Unfortunately, this is far from the only time that drivers have acted ridiculous lately. Earlier this month, police in Peel Region shared an audio clip of a driver who called 9-1-1 because he had to pee.

In August, an Ontario driver was fined for driving a car filled to the brim with empty beer cans. And all too often, drivers use their arts and crafts skills for the wrong purpose and draw on a fake license plate with a permanent marker.

It seems that common sense doesn’t come easily to some people, but apparently, that’s not enough of a reason to prevent them from getting a driver’s license.