Last May, we wrote about Steven Soderbergh’s KIMI, which was being shot in Seattle. The film is about a voice stream interpreter (Zoe Kravitz) living in Seattle who stumbles upon a crime and tries to solve it through digital means. From the first look at the recently released trailer, it looks like this new movie is set to be action-packed and full of twists and turns.

In the trailer released on January 11th, viewers can see a blue-haired Kravitz. Her character seems to be riddled with anxiety, living a seemingly solitary life, spending the majority of her time on a computer. It’s a lifestyle that many Seattle tech workers can probably relate to, and also those who have switched to a WFH format during the pandemic.

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In the movie, while Kravitz’s character thinks she’s been able to keep her discovery to herself, it turns out that’s not the case at all. KIMI, a voice-activated device similar to an Alexa, seems to have been listening to everything all along.

The trailer quickly takes a turn for the dramatic, showing chase scenes, map sequences of both Capitol Hill and Downtown Seattle, an aerial shot of Westlake Center and International District/Chinatown Station.

It already looks like Seattleites will have a ball locating all of the local shooting spots. If you’re planning to watch, you’ll be able to stream KIMI on HBO Max starting February 10th. Until then, see just how many spots you can find in the trailer!