Last month we caught wind of a new Steven Soderbergh film that is set to film right here in Seattle. And it turns out that filming is happening this month! So be sure to keep your eyes peeled if you live or spend time near downtown because chances are that you’ll see a thing or two.

What we know so far is that the film is titled KIMI and centers on an agoraphobic tech worker who discovers evidence of a violent crime during the COVID-19 pandemic. When she tries to report it to her company she is met with resistance and realizes she’ll have to face her worst fear and venture out into the streets of Seattle. What makes her situation worse is that Seattle is under large protests.

The cast stars actors and actresses like Zoë Kravitz, Byron Bowers, Jaime Camil, and many more.

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If you ask us, this movie sounds pretty spot-on for the last year of events in the city despite being a fictional story. And we’re honestly pretty excited to see the film in its final form. But if you’re curious about what’s happening now, the crew is currently shooting exterior shots around the city, namely downtown.

So it’s well worth scoping out the streets if you’d like to get a closer look. If you’d like to learn more about KIMI you can click here and let us know if you see any action!