Are you tired of hearing about supply chain issues? Well get this, McDonald’s Taiwan stores have had to halt their sales of the classic hash brown in part because of supply issues from the great US of A. Yes, now there is a hash brown shortage… What a conundrum to start 2022 with!

On Friday, January 7th, McDonald’s Taiwan announced that they would be temporarily halting sales of hash browns due to an “unstable global shipping supply.” Unlike Japan’s fry shortage, Taiwan’s shortage is related to the large supply chain issue as a whole.

“Due to the recent unstable global shipping supply, McDonald’s restaurants have been in short supply of hash browns and will temporarily stop selling them after they are sold out,” states the chain on its website.

They added that “it is expected that the replenishment will be completed in late January, and the normal supply will be restored.”

A portion of McDonald’s potatoes are actually grown right here in Washington. A quick look at the chains “About Our Food” tab and you’ll find several farm owners from right here in Washington, from Warden to Pasco.

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While McDonald’s Taiwan stated that the crispy potato treat would be restocked by late January, if supply chain issues continue, who knows how many hash browns will actually be available.

So for the time being, enjoy your fries and hash browns. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for McDonald’s Taiwan’s hash brown lovers.