Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and chances are that at least a few of you need some ideas. If you’re working with a strict budget or want a date that’s more simple, we’re here to help.

Here are 8 free Valentine’s Day date spots to check out in Seattle.

Olympic Sculpture Park


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Want to go to the art museum without the price tag? Head to the Olympic Sculpture Park, you get to see some amazing sculpture works with sweeping views of Elliott Bay in the background. Plus you can always walk down the Myrtle Edwards Park trail afterward.

Where: 2901 Western Ave

Visit a museum for free


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Believe it or not, you can actually check out select local museums for free. That’s all thanks to a handy dandy pass that you can check out from Seattle Public Library. So plan ahead and get the most out of your library membership by snagging

Enjoy a stunning winter hike


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There probably isn’t a more PNW date than going for a hike. And while it’s still pretty chilly and dreary out, there is plenty of Washington nature to enjoy at this time of year. There are even dog-friendly and unique hiking options like crawling through lava tubes.

Watch a winter sunset


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Now that the sun is setting after 5 pm, you can start your early evening date by watching the sunset. From beaches to parks to vistas, there are plenty of places around Seattle to catch a glimpse of the sun. It’s a classic romantic activity that’s just as special in the winter.

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Discovery Park


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It really is Seattle’s jack of all trades park. We’ve said it a million times before and we’ll say it a million times more, there’s something for everyone here. From beaches to forested trails to creepy buildings and more, you certainly won’t be bored unless you and your SO hate nature.

Walk the waterfront


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If you’ll be downtown you can’t go wrong with walking the waterfront. You can walk through Pike Place Market, pick up some ingredients for dinner and then head down to the piers. Catch a glimpse of the sunset, do some good old people watching, and enjoy one of the highlights of Seattle.

Visit Seattle’s weirdest monuments


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Want a date that will be entertaining, full of photo ops, and certainly unique? We’d recommend checking out Seattle’s weirdest monuments, you can visit Fremont’s Lenin Statue, the Fremont Troll, Georgetown’s Hat n’ Boots & many more.

Kubota Garden


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If you’re into plants, walking, and beautiful landscapes then Kubota Garden is a perfect date spot. It has 20 acres of beautiful and professionally maintained gardens perfect for walking through, picnicking, and of course for snapping a few pics.

Where: 9817 55th Ave S

Lots of opportunities to get outdoors and if you plan on trying to snag a free museum pass be sure to do that ASAP. With that enjoy and happy Valentine’s Day, Seattle!