Washington’s Mount Saint Helens has long been a point of interest for volcanic activity. What’s more, the mountain actually offers a window into the past allowing you to see the area’s rich volcanic history through its trails. The Trail of Two Forests is a unique opportunity to go below ground and get eye to eye with lava tubes and tree molds.

If you’re a fan of Washington’s more unique hiking trails then you’re probably well aware of the nearby Ape Cave Lava Tube. The Trail of Two Forests is somewhat similar in that its big draw is the lava-formed tunnels. However, the trail also gives you a look at two forests, both scorched by lava but with different looks.

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When compared to Ape Cave, Two Forests is shorter and probably a bit more comfortable for those of you who don’t want to spend so long underground.

Not only that but once you’re inside the tunnels you’ll notice the wall and ceiling pattern around you look an awful lot like tree bark. And that’s because it once was, the tunnels you crawl through are actually tree molds aka the tree remains of previous volcanic eruptions. It’s a cool experience and something that you can’t do in many other places.

So if you’re ready to get your hike on, be sure to pack some warm clothes, a flashlight, and get ready to take a look at Washington’s volcanic past.