If you live in Seattle then you probably know all about Discovery Park. It’s truly a jack of all trades park, it has trails, beaches, sand dunes, open fields, and of course, a rich history. But that history has left some pretty creepy reminders of the past and an abandoned building that you might just want to check out.

Wandering the upper trails of Discovery Park will lead you by some pretty happy-looking bright yellow buildings. These buildings were once a small part of Fort Lawton, the military base that occupied the land from 1896-1973. And while the park has been around since 1973, Fort Lawton only officially closed in 2011. That means a stroll through the Historic District today is pretty quiet, but you will see homes, parade grounds, a guardhouse, stables, and a civilian employee house.

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What you won’t immediately see is a brick smokestack peeking through the trees. It’s the stuff of local urban legends, rumored to be a crematorium and a spot for thrill-seekers. The crumbling brick facade is downright creepy in itself but what you see inside the pitch-black building is not for the faint of heart. If you walk in and turn on your phone flashlight you’ll immediately be greeted by several incinerators, stairs to nowhere, silence, and years of trash and graffiti. Give it a visit and see just how long you can last before the silence and cold overtake your senses.

We don’t blame you if you already have the shivers but before you get too freaked, we’ll let you in on a little secret. This incinerator wasn’t used for bodies, rather it was used for mule carcasses when the army was actively using the fort. Now that being said, plenty of people have died in the park and the Fort Lawton Cemetary is just around the corner so you never know whose spirit you’ll bump into.

So the next time you’re headed to Discovery Park, consider checking out the smokestack and remaining incinerator. It’s the perfect spooky season activity and it’s free! Now as for location, we’ll say keep your eyes peeled as you make travel along Texas Way. It should go without saying but if you do decide to visit it, keep in mind that this building is really old and not in the best shape so please be careful. With that, get out there and explore, just don’t scare yourself too silly.