If you’re looking to escape the day-to-day and get back to feeling like a kid during summer, there is a camp for you! Camp Rahh is described as “Seattle’s only all-inclusive summer camp for adults” and it takes place in August.

According to the camp, they curate an action-packed weekend, but it is also one that is designed to be restorative. The weekend is also meant to let your child-self out to play again, they say.

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Taking place from August 22nd to 25th, the camp also curates a list of activities to find inspiration, such as meditation, yoga, dance, art, creative writing, kayaking, wellness workshops, cooking classes, and more. It all takes place on Samish Island, about an hour and 20 minutes from the city.

“Remember those carefree days when you were a kid? We want to help you recreate that feeling at Camp Rahh,” they state.

“To get there, we have removed all distractions from day-to-day life. We believe you’re much more than what you do for work so let’s save the networking for another time, find yourself hiding behind your phone or reaching for liquid courage during social interactions? Let us help you meet new people in a safe environment.”

The all-inclusive camp offers accommodations, all meals, as well as round trip transportation by bus from Seattle.

There will be live musical performances, dance parties, as well as curated lessons that include hip hop dance, arts & crafts, life coach, health and fitness.

Camp Rahh

When: August 22nd to 25th, 2024
Where: Samish Island, WA
Cost: $700+