From coast to coast, there’s no denying that Canada has some incredibly beautiful to visit places, but Hollywood has spoken.

While it’s tough to compete with Toronto and Vancouver, Wild Rose Country is proving itself to be a film industry favourite, hosting big projects like The Last Of Us, Under the Banner of Heaven and Fargo.

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Of course, it’s not just the execs and location scouts who love Alberta – it’s also the actors!

Thanks to Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spiderman), Daisy Edgar-Jones (Fresh), and the entire cast of ‘The Last Of Us,’ it’s been made pretty clear that Alberta is a memorable spot – but now we can add Juno Temple to that list!

Hot off the success of Ted Lasso, Temple is set to star in season 5 of Fargo, a beloved anthology series all too familiar to those who live in Calgary.

This installment will star Jon Hamm (Mad Men, Top Gun: Maverick), Lamorne Morris (New Girl) and Joe Keery (Stranger Things), alongside the actress, who plays a Midwestern housewife plunged back into the life she left behind after some trouble with authorities.


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In hopes of spreading the word, the 3-time Emmy Nominee stopped by Jimmy Kimmel where they discussed the November 21st premiere, stunts and seeing the Northern Lights for the first time.

“I came home and – this was randomly after one day at work. It was about 9 o’clock at night and on the other side of the picture, if I had done panoramic, you would see that there was an amazing moon and star which is what I noticed originally,” she said.

“Then the driver was like, “Juno, look up,” and I was like holy shnikes!”

Unfortunately, before she could take another photo, they had already disappeared, but it was enough to make Kimmel Jealous.

As it turns out, Temple is not the only celebrity to have seen the lights while filming here! Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) shared a similar story on the Late Late Show With James Corden.

All in all, it’s pretty cool to see so many rave about the beautiful things they’ve seen in the Prairie province and we hope that it continues!

Alberta has been busy, so keep an eye out!

You never know what or who you’ll see out and about.