When visiting Wild Rose Country, Jasper National Park is not one to be missed! From enchanting waterfalls, incredible hikes, deep canyons and cozy shops, this stunning destination is an adventure-lover’s dream, especially if they seek head-scratchers like Medicine Lake.

Located 20 km southeast of the Jasper townsite, Medicine Lake is unlike most sites in the Rockies.

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Here, what you see can greatly depend on when you visit, as described by Travel Alberta.

“It is famous for its disappearing water.”

“In summer, it looks like a normal alpine lake but in fall and winter the water disappears and it becomes not much more than a mudflat.”

According to the provincial site, this particular spot is essentially a giant bathtub.

Some years, the water will drain through a sinkhole and into a cave system, resurfacing 16 km downstream.

Come spring will refill with water from the nearby Maligne River and the cycle will repeat once again. Cool, right?

At 7 km long, Medicine Lake isn’t small either which makes its life all that much more interesting – and now you know!

Who knew that Mother Nature was a seasoned magician?

Medicine Lake, Jasper National Park 

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