This Canadian condom subscription service is more bang for your buck

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First razors, then pre-packaged meals. Now, you can buy a condom subscription that offers free shipping across Canada. The new company Wednesday Co. decided that buying condoms from the convenience store could be improved. So, they just launched a nationwide program to deal with it.

Wednesday Co.? Ohhhhh, Hump Day Company. Nice.

Subscribers can choose between three different plans. There’s ‘Just In Case’ (3), ‘I’ve Got Big Plans’ (6) and ‘Always Ready’ (12). The different tiers are priced at $8.50, $10.50 and $15 respectively.

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Uh, do they know that you can buy a 36-pack of lifestyles on Amazon for $12 with one-day shipping? We like their idea of ‘streamlining’ the process, but maybe they forgot that they’re going up against one of the biggest retailers in the world?

One bonus of Wednesday Co. though is that they’re donating 10% of their profits every month to a different charity. Now, that idea we do like.

Wanna test Canada’s first condom subscription company? You can order some up here. Please, keep the results to yourself, though.