In Wild Rose Country, not only are there some incredible things to see, but you can also be in two places at once!

A city unlike any other, Lloydminster straddles Alberta and Saskatchewan and is home to the largest border markers in the world.

According to Tourism Saskatchewan, this is the only city in Canada that is split (nearly) between two provinces – but that wasn’t always the case!

The community existed as one until 1905 when the fourth Meridian, where it was situated, was selected as the inter-provincial boundary.

Despite having been so similar the Alberta portion of Lloydminster was incorporated as a village in 1906, and then a year later the Saskatchewan side was established as a town.

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In 1930, the two were finally amalgamated into a single municipality and were recognized as a city in 1958.

Years later, the line is celebrated with four 100-foot-high markers that stand along the zone and both provinces assume responsibility.

“This peculiar situation resulted in the duplication of all municipal functions such as the creation of two separate municipal councils, two municipal offices and two fire departments,” they explain.

“Common sense prevailed and the two communities were amalgamated into a single municipality – the Town of Lloydminster, by an Order-in-Council of both provinces.”

Never been and want to see it for yourself?

There’s a little something for everyone in Lloydminster, whether you’re a nature-lover, want to shop, eat, mingle or relax.

You’re in for quite the adventure!