Looking for a quick and healthy lunch option when you’re on the go? Well, the search is over.

Edo Japan has made a name for itself as Canada’s first fast-casual, Japanese-inspired franchise. With almost 200 locations across Canada serving up hot, Japanese teppanyaki-style cooking, you can enjoy made-to-order bento boxes, fresh sushi, rich ramen and indulgent bubble teas all served in a flash! Not only does this make for a delicious option, but a healthier one too! 

It’s the perfect alternative for those days when you ‘forget’ to pack a lunch for work.

If that happens a lot for you (we get it, a PB&J sounds like a good idea, until it’s been sitting in your bag for half the day) then you might want to look into Edo Japan’s new loyalty program…

Edo Japan Dumplings and Shrimp Bowl
Photos via Edo Japan

Edo Cash 

Rack up rewards for ordering yummy lunches you love with Edo Japan’s new loyalty program, Edo Cash. Just download the app to join!

You earn 10 Edo Coins for every $1 you spend. Redeem them later for a discount on future orders. It’s easy, and it can add up fast.

Of course, it will be even faster if you become a Meal-ionaire…

Couple eating Edo Japan
Photo via Edo Japan

The Meal-ionaire Contest

That’s right, Edo Japan is hosting a huge contest, and you could win a grand prize of $1,000,000 Edo Coins, a value of $5,000! 

You won’t have to pack a work lunch for MONTHS!

To enter, just download the app and sign up! You will also earn bonus entries every time you purchase a meal from Edo Japan after you’ve entered the contest. There will be a total of three winners across Canada, with one selected in each month for April, May, and June 2024.

We hope you win!