Fly across Canada for as little as $12 with the Swoop Loonie Seat Sale

Via Swoop

Normally, we shy away from writing about deals unless they’re insane. Well, guess what, the Loonie Seat Sale from Swoop has entered the chat and is spamming emojis like you’ve never seen before. The sale started today, and has some downright delectable deals!

The budget airline was cheap to start, but now prices are getting out of hand. Since Swoop operates out of smaller airports, they’re offering one-way cross-country flights (think Abbotsford to Hamilton) for $12. And with improved public transport, it’s easier than ever to get to Vancouver or Toronto from those spots.

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But Edmonton, you’re the lucky one. One-way flights to Phoenix, San Diego, Orlando and Mexico are no more than $100 max. In fact, the most expensive flight available is only $112, and that gets you from Hamilton to Montego Bay. Jamaican us crazy, Swoop!

You’re also probably thinking “Oh well the timeframe is probably super short and the deals end in 4 minutes.” Nope! You’ve got until January 21st to book something (assuming it doesn’t sell out) between February 4 and October 24 of this year. Of course, there are blackout dates to work around, but still.

Check out the Loonie Seat Sale from Swoop online and start planning your next vacation!

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