Edmonton to finally get a break from scorching heat this weekend

Photo via ShutterstockPhoto via The Weather Network

Honestly, we’re relieved to see that the Edmonton forecast is cooling off a little bit this weekend. We can only stand so many days of 30-degree heat before we start to see mirages in the street. And while today marks the end of the scorching hot weather, things will be dropping off as early as tonight.

Which also might come with some crazy storms, so early warning on that front. Then on Friday, we can expect some decent rain throughout the day, which we’re sure is going to have all the plants in the city singing. If not, we’ll grab an umbrella and go sing to them ourselves.

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The sun should be returning for Saturday and Sunday but at a much more reasonable level. Expect highs in the low 20s, and some pretty serious wind gusting through the city. We guess that our weekend frisbee golf game just got a lot more interesting.

But that also means it’ll be more fun! Enjoy the weekend, folks!