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KFC and Cinnabon have revealed a drool-worthy ‘dessert biscuit’ for the holidays

Photo via CNW Group/KFC

Among other things, 2020 has certainly been the year for food companies to really get creative with their menu items. So, we’re not too surprised to see that KFC and Cinnabon have teamed up to offer us a cross between a buttermilk biscuit and a cinnamon bun.

That’s right, we’re seriously dipping into some American south levels of fast food options. But, we shouldn’t forget that KFC was also behind one of fast food’s most outrageous sandwiches- the Double Down.

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By comparison, covering a buttermilk biscuit with the Cinnabon glaze, adding some frosting, and putting a cute little chocolate bowtie on there seems kind of tame. We won’t lie, though, we are a little curious to see what it tastes like.

Maybe next time we’re craving fried chicken we’ll add one in there. The new Cinnamon Dessert Biscuits are available at KFC locations across Canada starting today.

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