‘Stool Presidente may be long gone from the north, but his pizza rankings have been coming in hot on his social media. Now that Dave Portnoy’s Toronto pizza reviews are complete, the only thing left to do is to rank them in order from best to worst.

Portnoy never made it as far west as Windsor but he did manage to get to a few spots in Etobicoke and Mississauga.

Those of us following along since day one have witnessed Portnoy taste his way around Toronto’s pizza scene and meet some interesting people along the way.

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On his tour, Portnoy dished out some stellar reviews and some unexpectedly mediocre ones too.

And while he did promise us a definitive ranking of his own, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile all of his reviews and make it anyway.

Without further adieu, here’s Dave Portnoy’s official Toronto (and GTA) pizza ranking.

Pizza Pizza — 340 Front St West

Score: 10.0
Review: “Yummy […] if you’re eating Pizza Pizza and you’re not coming to see Nahrin, you’re not doing it right.”

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria — Multiple locations

Score: 8.4
Review: “Very good looking pizza […] this can go basically toe to toe with any pizza I’ve ever eaten, it’s that good.”

Pizzeria Badiali — Little Portugal

Score: 8.3
Review: “It has that crisp you need, very very good […] it’s a great pizza, no doubt.”

Conzo’s Pizza — Bloordale Village

Score: 8.2
Review: “There’s more crisp than what it looks like with that flop. Great undercarriage […] smells good […] a great pizza.”


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Descendant Detroit Style Pizza — Leslieville

Score: 8.1
Review: “Very, very good […] as good a Detroit-style pizza as you can have.”

Pizza Nostra — Mississauga

Score: 8.0
Review: “Thin, crispy, delicious […] You’ve got to drive here and taste it, it’s that good.”

One Night Only Pizza — Withrow Park

Score: 7.9
Review: “It has crunch, great flavour, light and airy […] without the undercarriage that’s charcoaled and black, you can’t get into the 8s for me.”

Sanremo Bakery — Etobicoke

Score: 7.8
Review: “Doughy, heavy, the crust is so good […] totally different than what we’ve eaten so far in Toronto, really good.”


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Superpoint — Ossington Strip

Score: 7.7
Review: “Good undercarriage […] really good pizza. That could be your neighbourhood pie, you could never go anywhere else and be really happy with it.”

Bitondo Pizzeria — Little Italy

Score: 7.5
Review: “I really do like it, it needs a little more sauce […] I like tight-together slices, and this thing’s not going anywhere. Distinctive taste.”

Carlo’s Bakery — Mississauga

Score: 7.5
Review: “Really good stuff, totally not my style. If you like Sicilian, you’ve got to try it […] very good, but it’s a mouthful.’

The Fourth Man in the Fire Pizzeria — Dundas West

Score: 7.4
Review: “A good-looking pizza […] spectacular undercarriage. A bit heavy on the cheese to sauce ratio.”

Fresca Pizza and Pasta — College St.

Score: 7.4
Review: “Really good, really basic […] You can eat it every day and be happy with it. Good, good pizza.”

Ambassador Pizza Co. — Dufferin Grove

Score: 7.3
Review: “A good quality pizza […] the cheese definitely has a tang, and I like it.”

Frank’s Pizza House — Corso Italia

Score: 7.3
Review: “It’s good, it’s thin, it’s light. You could hammer this whole thing in a second.”


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Pizza Gigi — Harbord Village

Score: 7.0
Review: “Best people I’ve met […] pretty greasy on top, a very distant cousin to New Haven-style pizza.”

Blondie’s Pizza — Multiple locations

Score: 6.8
Review: “Domino’s undercarriage […] huge slice. A fair score, I get the feeling this is a fast-casual pizza.”

Revolver Pizza Co. — Etobicoke

Score: 6.8
Review: “Wood-fired, almost Neopolitan style. Good undercarriage, a little floppy.”

Maker Pizza — Multiple locations

Score: 6.1
Review: “Not bad, super doughy, super cheesy […] It’s big, it’s thick, it’s floppy. It’s tasty, but man, if you eat this I think you’re in for the night.”

There you have it, friends! Which of Dave Portnoy’s favourite Toronto pizzas will you be trying first?