Have you thought about moving out west? Or maybe you are looking for a new job in eastern Canada? A new list reveals Canada’s top five best places to live and the results may spark that light in you to move.

Online publication Study Finds has done its research! They have compiled a short list of the best cities in Canada based on several external sources like MovingWaldo, Canada Real Estate Magazine, Savvy New Canadians, A Broken Backpack, and more.

Basing their results on factors such as quality of life, cleanliness, and the like, they’ve narrowed down their results to five cities. And no, Toronto isn’t on the list this time, and neither is Edmonton.

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According to the results, the best place to live in all of Canada is none other than the country’s capital, Ottawa.

Study Finds quotes U.K. based moving site ShipIt, sharing that Ottawa offers “higher salaries than that of other Canadian cities, but it also presents a particularly attractive work-life balance.”


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Next on the list is Quebec City, Quebec in second place. In a recent list, MovingWaldo ranked each Canadian city based on safety, affordability, and access to recreational facilities and parks. They had also added Quebec City to that list.

In third falls Calgary, Alberta; Vancouver, B.C in fourth and Oakville, Ontario in fifth. Study Finds may not have considered housing as a factor considering that Oakville is one of the most expensive cities to buy a house in Canada but it’s still a lovely place to be.

Looking at housing costs and the ability to qualify for a mortgage, it’s rough out there for Canadians right now. But if we’re looking at other factors like the best quality of life AND cost of living, these Canadian cities ain’t too shabby.

Do you agree with this list? Let us know. One thing is for sure, they’re all worth paying a visit!